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Today I had my first CranioSacral Therapy experience with Lisa Price at her Mirabella healing space in Sedona, AZ. It was Divine! The subtle and gentle manipulation of the head and neck relaxed my spine in a way that I have not felt before giving me an ethereal peaceful feeling. This is one of those things in life that one may not have heard of, but after having this therapy and enjoying the benefits...it's like where has this been all of my life? This is a treatment modality that I will get on a regular basis. Prior to the CranioSacral treatment, I had a full body massage with Lisa. The room where she works her magic is very calm and serene. She is very intuitive with where to place her hands hitting the right spots detailed to individual muscles that need concentrated attention. Her technique combines the physical massage, pressure points and the Energy work of Reiki. She also adds a touch of vibrational healing via tuning forks and other instruments. The massage was a multidimensional experience. I felt like I was in another world and very relaxed when I walked out of there. I will be a repeat enjoyer of her skilled services.

E. Mendoza OTR/L  10/2/17

When I made the appointment for my massage, I had no idea I would be spending the morning online looking at video footage and reading accounts of the largest mass shooting in modern American history. I really couldn’t have picked a better day for a massage! I arrived feeling anxious and sad, my brain in fight-or-flight. Lisa led me to a beautiful little casita - the visuals of the space and the energy there immediately relaxed me. Lisa began the massage with some deep breaths and slow, measured pressure on various areas of my body. I could feel her aligning with Source and harmonizing energetically with my body. I have little cognizant memory after that because I was completely transported to other realms for the next hour. She ended the session with about 20 minutes of craniosacral release therapy. The massage had a profound effect on me - Lisa told me I looked like a different person afterwards, so relaxed and at peace. I have been floating for hours afterwards! In these times of global unrest, it’s so nice to know there is someone who can create a sacred safe container and transport you in body and mind for an hour or two. I can’t wait to return for my next massage - highly recommended!

Julie E. 10/2/17

Thank you so much for that generous gift. I feel wonderful. So much lifted from my back and neck, I am standing taller already. The atmosphere you set is Divine. I love the ambiance of your property and your healing room. The energy of love and beauty fill every nook. You have a gentle, strong and intuitive approach, I was in a healing trance! For anyone who has the chance to work with Lisa, I highly recommend her work. The essential oils, tuning forks and amethyst mat were glorious extras that put the final touch on a delightful experience.

Rhianne N. 10/3/17

I am so grateful I found Lisa! She is a wonderful healer and definitely has a motherly touch. It was much needed. She is very professional. Her massage room is tranquil and beautiful. Walking into the therapy room was wonderful to smell the most wonderful scent being diffused. I was more than thrilled she uses a top quality essential oil line- Young Living Oils. She was diffusing Joy and it was so needed for me during my session. I live in Flagstaff and she is well worth the drive down to VOC. I can't wait to see her again. Needless to say I feel 100 times better than I did when I came to her and will definitely be returning!

Aimee K. 10/3/17

I had the privilege of experiencing this sacred place/space and FANTASTIC massage by Lisa Price yesterday! I was having problems with my knee and lower back. I felt like skipping to my car afterwards!! Can't wait to go back!! Self care is a necessity people, NOT a luxury!!

Jana L. 10/6/17

After 4 car accidents and a concussion that left my left side slightly askew I have tried every form of alternative healing there is. I have done Reiki and acupuncture, Rolfing and cranial sacral, Chiros and shamans. I have even had balloons shoved up my nose but nothing has had immediate results as working with Lisa. 

When discussing my situation before entering her beautiful sanctuary I could feel my guides and spirits light up. The energy was palpable. And when on her table I could see visual releasing. One image had a 2 digit AD date surrounding it. It was like watching the layers of the onion peal off before my eyes. When I stood up not only did I no longer have the aggravating left hip joint issue; I could look directly into her eyes, which is huge for me given my history of head injuries. I could go on and on and on singing her praises however until she personally touches you, you won’t understand what I am singing about. 

I live in a town where everyone calls themselves a healer. Well now I can finally say that too. Lisa Price is a gifted healer that can tap into Creation! And did I mention her space – oh my goodness gorgeous!

Thank you Lisa!

Michele R. 10/11/17

Definitely not your typical massage! Lisa intuitively finds your pain points and helps you work into and through them. My only complaint...the session was not long enough!

Karen W. 10/18/17

I had a massage done by Lisa Price and it was phenomenal! She was very professional and the space was beautiful. I experienced my first structural integration session and even though Lisa told me it would be so relaxing and that I'd fall asleep, but I had my doubts. It actually put me straight into an in between zone of sleep and awake. It was very healing, and the tension was gone by the end of our session. I highly recommend Lisa and I will be returning! Thank you ❤️

Ariella 10/22/17

Lisa's work goes very deep and my body is still integrating, even though our session was a week ago! Aches and pains that I've carried for years are releasing. My right hand, which has been numb for quite some time has more feeling and normal sensation. I am please with my progress and look forward to my next session. I highly recommend having a session with Lisa and see if you're ready to change old patterns that no longer serve you.  I am really looking forward to our next appointment! Blessings of Highest Love.

Aria 10/25/17

I am so grateful to have access to such a beautiful place, and such a gifted therapist.  I have been to Mirabella several times, and Lisa is always amazing.  She truly cares, and has the ability to tune into where you are, and what you need.  She has that rare combination of strength and gentleness, and is skilled in many approaches and techniques.  Her very presence is a comfort.  Mirabella itself is glorious.  Nature surrounds you, and the treatment room (complete with amethyst crystal massage mat!) is warm and soothing.  The benefits you are sure to receive will stay with long after you leave! 

Patricia 11/6/17